no reply The Different Ones Ever feel as if you were meant for something more? Like something was "different" or "special" about you? Well, this is the forum for you. I am simply a fellow one of "The Called" (which is what I like to call those of us who have had this feeling). I feel that it is important for us to stick together and provide support for one another. If you have anything to say or you have any ideas, pour them all out here. Premonitions, dreams, visions, philosophies and things of the like are always welcome, as they can and will help some of us (if not all of us) figure out what it is that we are supposed to do. So yeah. Remember, this place is your sandbox! THIS FORUM HAS MOVED!!!! goto
von CRIM50N (22.02.2016 04:45)
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no reply Hello there! Introduce yourself, and tell us why you are here! Is anyone out there like me? goto
von kels1494 (29.05.2016 18:39)
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no reply Premonitions, visions, and dreams. This part of the forum is STRICTLY for the discussion of premonitions, dreams, and visions! Out-of-body experiences and things of that nature are in the Supernatural part of this forum. Thank you.

no reply Philosophy This part of the forum is for philosophies and educated/calculated guesses and predictions based on actual theory. Not to scare any of you, ... goto
von steven (19.01.2016 06:33)
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no reply Supernatural This part of the forum is for any supernatural occurrences you may have experienced. Out-of-body and near-death experiences do count.

  **MYSTERY**... As of now, this part isn't open to the public. It will be when I get enough visitors and a team to help regulate the site traffic. Warum wird mir hier nichts angezeigt?

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